Shullsburg Creamery’s flavor masters have blended aged cheddar cheese and cream cheese together to create a line of nine spreads that have continued to attract rave reviews.
These flavorful spreads go well with crackers, vegetables, crusty breads, wines, beer and are sure to be the hit of the party! (as we have been told).
From simple white sharp cheddar to chipotle pepper, this line has a flavor profile to satisfy every taste. Sharp, smooth, spreadable right from the refrigerator, Shullsburg Creamery’s Brewster House Old Fashion Spreadable Cheese is sure to please!
NOTE! We recently had a customer inquire about whether or not the Brewster Spreads could be frozen for those that wanted to order more and save on shipping but weren't going to consume everything right away. So we are glad to announce - that after thawing them they thawed to the same consistency as before!!! I thawed them in the fridge. Hope this helps you!

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